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Sockeye Salmon "Smoked Red in a Net"

Our Smoked Red In a Net is a delicious, unique and award winning (Symphony of Seafood) presentation of smoked salmon.  A whole, wild Copper River Sockeye Salmon is carefully deboned, cured and hot smoked whole in a net, then vacuum sealed and ready for shipping.

Smoked Red In a Net

Sockeye Salmon Smoked Lox

Trapper’s Creek Smoked Sockeye Lox is produced using an ancient tradition and recipe. Wild caught sockeye salmon is hand cut into fillets, carefully cured in seasoned brine and cold smoked for perfect flavor, texture and appearance. All Trapper’s Creek Lox are Kosher certified and MSC approved.

Smoked Red Fillet Royale Lox

Trapper’s Creek cold-smoked European tradition wild Alaska salmon is a Royale gourmet delight. Our premium center cut – the coicest part of wild Pacific sockeye salmon – is delicately spiced and gently cold-smoked over real cherry and alder wood to create our Smoked Red Royale Fillet.

Smoked Red Fillet Royal Lox
Smoked Salmon Candy

Smoked Salmon Candy

Wild Alaska caught salmon is carefully filleted, cut into strips, brined with spices before smoking to chewy and delicious perfection on alder and cherry wood to produce our Smoked Salmon Candy.

Trapper’s Creek Smoked Salmon Candy is vacuum packed in 8 oz size portions.

Kippered Smoked King Salmon

Whether original, peppered or cajun, our wild salmon from Alaska’s icy waters is cured in uniquely seasoned brines and then hot smoked over cherry and alder. This produces a succulent, flaky delicate taste experience that friends and family will rave about. Kosher certified.

Kippered Smoked King Salmon